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20 Best Places in Vietnam for Digital Nomads by Remote Work Essentials [2024]

Sipping on a rich, delicious Vietnamese coffee, gazing out over lush green landscapes while you work. It’s the daily reality for countless digital nomads who have found Vietnam their perfect work-and-play haven. Helping You Plan Long-Stay Vacations Our authors are actual workation travelers, who understand firsthand that long-stays come with unique needs, such as kitchens […]

Hoi An

City Walking Perfect for Local Immersion: How to Plan Your Self-Guided Tour

City walking is a delight for tourists for several reasons. First, it provides an intimate and immersive experience, allowing visitors to absorb the local culture at their own pace. Walking enables exploration of narrow streets and hidden gems inaccessible by other modes of transport. Tourists can stumble upon unexpected delights, from charming cafes to vibrant […]

street library cafe Malacca

10 Best Places in Cambodia for Digital Nomads by Remote Work Essentials [2024]

Whether you fancy city buzz or island serenity, Cambodia ensures your work-life balance aligns with a rich culture and fulfilling adventure. From ancient temples to island tranquility, Cambodia is fast becoming a digital nomad’s playground for a workation holiday. We’ve curated a list considering your remote work essentials—fast internet, safety, and community vibes. I have […]

angkor wat

20 Best Places in the Philippines for Digital Nomads in 2023 by Remote Work Essentials

It’s more fun in the Philippines! A tropical paradise and a digital nomad’s dream that beckons with a collection of havens embracing both productivity and adventure. We’ve scoured the archipelago, considering factors like average internet speed, cost of living, safety, accessibility, and the evolving digital nomad community to come up with this list of the […]

digital nomads we are

20 Best Places in Thailand for Digital Nomads in 2023 by Remote Work Essentials

Ready to trade your cubicle for coconut trees and traffic for tuk-tuks? Living the digital nomad life in Thailand can be a tropical dream come true, but let’s uncover the quirks and perks that come with this adventure. In this article, you get a quick rundown of the best places in Thailand for digital nomads. […]

thailand best places

Southeast Asia Digital Nomad Visas: Planning a Workation Itinerary

Several countries in Southeast Asia have rolled out a digital nomad visa in the last two years, giving you a choice of where to base your workation lifestyle in the region. Having toured this region several times, we recommend you only get one digital nomad visa for your base Southeast Asian country, then use a […]


Philippines Digital Nomad Visa Options, Tips, & Updates [2023]

A proposed “Philippines digital nomad visa” is making progress. A pending bill in the country’s Lower House aims to grant remote workers the opportunity to work in the country for up to 12 months, renewable for another 12. If approved, this visa won’t classify holders as residents for tax purposes, and income from overseas employers […]

philippines digital nomad visa

Laos Digital Nomad Visa Option: Requirements, Tips, & Updates [2023]

Laos does not have a digital nomad visa and there is no news on plans to introduce one. With the country seeing more than 800,000 international tourists visiting the country in early 2023 (The Laotian Times, May 2023), the tourism ministry may have its hands full. However, digital nomads can apply for a tourist visa […]


Vietnam Digital Nomad Visa Option: Requirements, Tips, & Updates [2003]

Vietnam does not have a specific visa for digital nomads (as of this writing), but they offer a tourist visa option that allows visitors from many countries to stay for 30 days with the possibility of an extension. The tourist visa can be obtained as an e-visa (single entry only and good for 30 days) […]


Cambodia Digital Nomad Visa Option: Requirements, Tips, & Updates

Cambodia hasn’t announced yet any intention to roll out an official digital nomad visa. Most digital nomads, excluding those of Khmer descent, currently enter the country using a tourist visa officially called Type-T visa. It permits a 30-day stay for foreign passport holders, renewable for another month. So, let’s talk about this visa type while […]